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About spurwink|ri

Our Mission

The mission of spurwink|ri is to assist children and adults with disabilities in pursuing social, educational, vocational and other life enhancing opportunities.

Our Vision

We are committed to building communities where persons with disabilities will have access to quality lives.

Our Values

In the provision of Quality Supports and Services, we Value:

  • Respect for human rights, needs and preferences

  • Individualized support tailored to the needs of the person

  • Continuous learning, self direction and personal adjustment

  • Employing the best practices in behavioral health care

  • The promotion of safety, health and wellness

  • The importance of family and support and collaboration with families

  • Communication based on honesty and integrity

  • Teamwork, professionalism and commitment to excellence

Our History

spurwink|ri began RI operations as the Spurwink School II in 1982 as a subsidiary of the Spurwink School in Portland, ME. The original program included treatment foster homes that served children and youth with serious behavioral disabilities in community-based settings. The program also included a special education and day treatment program that has since evolved into The Spurwink School (without the foster home component) in Lincoln, RI. The uniqueness of the school model is that services are entirely individualized for a child’s academic and clinical areas of need, providing year-round special education, vocational and school to career services to children with challenging behaviors in a therapeutic environment. The school program was accredited in December 2009 by the National Commission for the Accreditation of Special Education Schools (NCASES), and recognized by the National Association of Special Education.


In 1984, spurwink|ri was incorporated as a separate non-profit corporation. It is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization, along with all of its subsidiaries. In 1988, the agency began to serve adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities with challenging behaviors. Services now also include 24-hour residential care, supported living, supported employment, family support, and counseling services. Family Support has a unique component that helps to stabilize troubled families and teaches parenting skills to parents with developmental and/or behavioral disabilities, who might otherwise lose their children. 


The agency continues to serve children, adults, and families throughout Rhode Island. Although the safety net for families is in jeopardy because of the issues with funding and the state budget, we try very hard to maintain a high quality level of service for all the individuals we serve. 

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