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In Memorium
Dennis J. Roberts II
May 30, 1941 to October 20, 2021

Denny served as Vice President on the Board of Directors for spurwinklri and affiliates for 32 years, (1989-2021 ). Dedicated to our mission, regardless of work commitments, family and health matters, he rarely missed a board meeting. During 2017 he was the proud recipient of the spurwinklri "Big Heart Award." This award is presented to a person who has given unselfishly in so many ways to spurwinklri and in recognition of their commitment and dedication. Denny once told us he placed his award on his bureau so every morning when he woke up, he'd be inspired. Denny had a passion for Rhode Island history and current events, politics and the law. He was committed to defending the rights and opportunities of everyday Rhode Islanders. 

Denny often shared many fascinating stories with us. His experience as Attorney General during 1979-1985, his lifetime of law and politics and his love for Rhode Island. Denny had many accomplishments throughout his career. One of his administrative hallmarks was his promotion of women in leadership roles within the Attorney General's department. With his encouragement, a number of women went from his senior staff to distinguished careers in the RI judiciary. During 2018 he was the recipient of the Florence K. Murray Award from the RI Bar Association, the only man ever to receive this award. As an attorney with a wide-ranging practice, he was a member of the RI and New York Bars as well as the Bars of the US District Court, the US Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. Denny served on many boards and committees including his role as Chair of RI Board of Bar Examiners. We will miss Denny, his interesting stories and are grateful for his commitment and dedication to spurwinkjri and our Rhode Island community. 

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