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2022 Employee Recognition Recipients

2022 certainly has brought new challenges for all of us to face, not only the continued stress by the Covid Pandemic, but also the employee staffing crisis.  We are grateful for the commitment that all of our employees have continued to show throughout the year.  We have shown that the agency is still SPURWINK STRONG!


Spurwink|RI would like to congratulate our 2022 Employee Recognition Recipients for their years of service.


Regina Hayes




Paul Blais

Crompton Road



Orie Morris

Cobble Hill Road

Deb Sostre

The Spurwink School



Lois Babcock

Peaked Rock Road



Jane Girard

The Spurwink School

Devon Allen

Crompton Road



Jennifer Lucente


Cheryl Taylor


Stephen Lynch

Cobble Hill Road

Elizabeth Salisbury

The Spurwink School

Donna Thompson

Brook Drive

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our recipients and thank you for your many years of service to the agency.


On behalf of spurwink|ri’s Board of Directors, our Senior Administrative Team, and the Human Resource Office, Thank YOU for your ongoing commitment to our Spurwink Community.

The Winston R. Smith Award

The Winston Smith award is presented to individuals who capture the meaning of “Company Spirit”. They demonstrate the ability to go above and beyond for the betterment of the company and its community. Consideration is given to involvement in company events, contributions to fellow employees, dedication to the people we support (given agency position) and an overall positive approach to all that Spurwink represents.

The 2021 Winston R. Smith Award

The 2022 Winston R. Smith Award recipient is Dennis Branca. Congratulations to Dennis for his outstanding service and dedication.


Dennis Branca has been at Spurwink for over 23 years and has gone above and beyond his role as a Teacher Assistant at the Spurwink . School. As a Teacher Assistant he is a good co-leader to the teacher that he works with in the classroom, managing difficult and unalike children with a firm, fair, and fun approach that really works. He plays a steady role of authority with the students, but does so in a nurturing and caring way.

Besides his T/A role, he has become a certified food handler and ensures the safety of all students and their nutritional needs. He recently became a certified 'Handle with Care' trainer. In addition, he has assumed the responsibility of coordinating the building and

property management for the School.

In each of his rolls he consistently represents the true meaning

of the Winston Smith award.

We are happy to present the 2022 Winston Smith Award to Dennis Branca!

The Community Provider Network-RI
Direct Support Professional Award

This award is given to a direct support employee from each agency that has been selected by that organization as exemplary in the practice of direct support and thought of as a model of excellence. Consideration is given to the person’s longevity, creativity, leadership and contribution to the quality of life for people supported.

The 2022 Community Provider Network-RI
Direct Support Professional Award

The 2021 Community Provider Network - RI Direct Support Professional Award recipient is Camila Maldonado. Congratulations to Camila for her outstanding service and dedication.

The 2022 spurwinklri Direct Support Professional winner is Camila Maldonado. Camila was recently celebrated with other CPN Direct Support Professionals at the annual meeting. We would like to congratulate her again, for her outstanding work and commitment and

her representation of all Direct Support Staff.

Camila 2022 DSP.JPG
The Big Heart Award

Given in recognition of her/his commitment and dedication to spurwink|ri.

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