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The 2021 Winston R. Smith Award recipient is John McMahon

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The 2021 Winston R. Smith Award recipient is John McMahon. Congratulations to John for his outstanding service and dedication.

The Winston Smith award is presented to individuals who capture the meaning of “Company Spirit”. They demonstrate the ability to go above and beyond for the betterment of the company and its community. Consideration is given to involvement in company events, contributions to fellow employees, dedication to the people we support (given agency position) and an overall positive approach to all that Spurwink represents.

From the nomination:

John began his employment with spurwink|ri as a Direct Support Professional. He was hardworking and dedicated. When the position of Program Manager became available, he applied to manage a house that had some difficulties. There were challenges to face from the start, and there would be more to come. Staff issues and turnover; hospitalization and participant changes; 5 Associate Manager replacements, to name a few. Continuously training new Associate Managers and staff was time-consuming and demanding, but John managed to handle every issue that was presented to him, many times with very little staff and no Associate.

John is known to be a strict manager, but compassionate and fair. He treats the participants and staff of Sinclair with respect and dignity, and he makes sure that those who work there do the same.

With all he has had to face since becoming Manager, John hasn't skipped a beat. He works well will the Administration team; always submitting reports, paper work and essential documentation to the office promptly.

John and I have worked on many personnel issues through the years. He has always made HR aware of issues in a timely manner and has been respectful, considerate, satisfied and appreciative with how each problem was handled.

I feel that John has gone above and beyond for the participants and his team at Sinclair and that he captures the meaning of company spirit with his concern and commitment to the agency, and that he has a positive approach to all that spurwink|ri represents.

I am happy to recommend John McMahon as the 2021 Winston Smith award recipient.

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